Stanwood Duval is a member of the Roster of Neutrals of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), FedArb, and United States Arbitration and Mediation (“USAM”).  With over 22 years experience as a federal judge, being fair and impartial is his touchstone.  If you have a matter which requires an independent arbitrator for resolution—either by agreement between parties or under the terms of a contract—Stanwood Duval has the credentials.


Stanwood Duval and Sally Shushan have mediated resolutions to literally hundreds of cases over the course of their respective careers.  That experience is invaluable and provides litigants and their counsel an opportunity to resolve conflicts expeditiously and at a reduced cost, considering the expense of litigation.  Moreover, as these two professionals work in tandem and consult with each other when needed, you will have the benefit of their combined experience.


Including determination of projected verdict and settlement values

Case Analysis

Duval, Shushan and Daley have been intimately involved as judge, magistrate judge and law clerk in the federal court system.  They have handled matters as complicated as the BP Oil Spill litigation and the federal litigation arising out of Hurricane Katrina—including insurance issues, maritime issues and Federal Tort Claim Act litigation.  In addition, they have worked on and brought to resolution matters as varied as personal injury cases, property disputes, employment discrimination, civil rights litigation, Title VII and maritime matters.  As such, they provide a unique perspective in evaluating the judgment and/or settlement value of a case and provide guidance to you in seeking a proper resolution of your case.

For example, in a complex maritime accident with numerous plaintiffs, they can review deposition testimony, medicals and pleadings to provide a reasonable, fact and law based evaluation of issues and quantum.


Drafting Substantive Motions

Duval, Shushan and Daley have reviewed and evaluated innumerable motions over the course of their careers.  As a result, they can provide insight into the best or most persuasive manner by which to present a particular argument in writing to a court, including legal arguments as well as methods to make evidence more readily accessible to a court.


Assistance with Complex Litigation

Duval, Shushan and Daley have been at the forefront of managing cases with thousands of claimants.  They have institutional knowledge and experience to help you organize and provide an approach to managing the most complicated of cases.


Organization and Management

Review of Trial Court Record

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes provides the best perspective in evaluating an approach to appeal a case.  Our team stands ready to review a trial record and exhibits to help assess the best approach for an appeal.


Drafting Appellate Briefs

After determining an approach, Daley can help you draft an appeal for filing.  Having served as a law clerk for over 27 years to three different federal judges, she has a unique perspective as to how to present law, argument and documentary evidence in the most efficient manner for judicial review.


Special Master

Considering their extensive judicial experience, Duval, Shushan and Daley are qualified to act as a court appointed special master to aid a court as set forth in Fed. R. Civ. P. 53 and corresponding state court rules.